Computer Parts Wholesalers

Sean Jones & Partners are one of the largest computer parts wholesalers within the UK marketplace. We’ve over 20 years combined experience within this industry and are ideally positioned to give advice.

Our range of stocked products is comprised of upwards of 15,000 high quality laptop and pc components. We’ve have a number of pre-built bundles and systems and everything from desktop PCs, motherboard bundles, monitors, laptops, internal and external hard drives, printers, flash and USB memory plus numerous other computer and laptop peripherals.

Recently, we have also expanded our range into phone parts replacement category due to the growing demand primarily for the likes of iPhone spares, replacement screens, buttons, cameras, speakers and microphones. This caters for an increasing use for repairing phones such as an iPhone 6 screen replacement.

After sales support from computer parts wholesalers Sean Jones & Partners

When it comes to support in the USA, our chosen partner is a firm in Phoenix and in neighbouring state Arizona who are the ideal fit for us.

Our aftersales support is first class and is backed up by our partners who specialise in computer repair London called PCMarc. They service all of our London based clients and customers due to high level of support they have given us over the past decade of trading.

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